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Why get an advance salary loan from Payme India?

1. Fast Approval - In this digital age, PayMe India has made loan approval process much faster as compared to other Financial Institution. Apply now to know why!

2. Interest Rate - The interest rates are very affordable making Payme India a perfect solution for temporary cash crunch.

3 .User Friendly - The website and mobile application makes sure that getting a loan approval should be a matter of few clicks. Try the platform to fulfill your loan needs.

4. Reliable Lender - We are a reliable lender offering short-term loan at a reasonable rate.

Why salary advance?

  • Everyone faces difficult financial events which force them to borrow money.

  • The consumer persistently search for a reliable lender for following reasons: unexpected medical bills, loss of job or car break-down....

  • This has given rise to options like loan against salary which has becoming popular rapidly.

  • These loans are a great solution for consumers facing a short-term cash need.


Our Corporate Clients

We are trusted partners to reputated corporates in their Advance Salary process

Benefits of partnering with us

PayMe India has developed an exclusive lending platform for corporates partnered with us for Advance Salary of their employees


No cash crunch

Prevent any delay in your important payouts


No delay in salary

Happy Employees = Successful Organization


Advance salary

To keep your finances on the right track


Live life king size

Get the much needed peace of mind

Contact Us

Please contact us at admin@paymeindia.in