5 Major Insights on Short Term Loans
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Short term loans are aligned with a company’s operational needs. It offers shorter maturities making it better-suited for fluctuations in working capital and other ongoing expenses. If you have applied and been rejected for a line of credit, the next option is to consider a short term loan. These loans can be used for a variety of purposes and are useful when cash flow has flowed. Here are 5 main insights by PayMe India on short term loans you would want to know before applying for one.

  • Ideal for Short-Term Debt – A short term loan shouldn’t be used to pay certain business expenses. Using this kind of loan to pay for long-term debt can set up for the financial issues in the future. They are best for :
  1. Inventory Purchases
  2. Business Expansion
  3.  Cash Flow Issues
  4. Seasonal Trends
  5. New Business Opportunity
  6. Emergency Expenses

Using a short term loan for the wrong business expense can be problematic. Not paying the loan off in time can negatively impact the business and personal credit history and score. When applying for such a loan, make sure you can pay it back in time.

  • Faster than Traditional Loans – If you are facing a cash emergency, you need money as fast as possible. With short term loans, the loan provider such as PayMe India can give you money in less than 24 hours also referred to as payday loans. Unlike the traditional loans which take weeks to get reviewed and approved, short term loans have a quicker turnaround. If you are facing a desperate situation for cash, this is definitely the loan to apply for. PayMe India offers quick payday loans for such situations.
  • Easy Application – Knowing how to get a short term loan makes the process easier and quicker. Gather all the documents that the lenders will need before applying. You need to offer your driver’s license, personal tax returns and proof of ownership. The lender may also look for bank statements and credit score. With this information, a lender can determine the business history, health as well as risks which impact the ability to pay back the loan.
  • Credit Boost – Short term loans not only provide the business the cash it needs, it can also be helpful in boosting the business credit score. As this loan can be paid back in months, your credit will see quick improvements. An improved credit score and history boosts the chances for getting larger loans approved. The better credit makes you less risky in the eyes of a lender which means lower interest rates.
  • Ideal for Startups and Small Businesses – As a small business, you may have been turned down for financing. The larger banks see a lack of history and business income as risks. The process for getting approved for a short loan is less stringent. There are several online lenders offering short term payday loans. If you are a startup looking for some initial cash flow, consider a short term loan.

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Manav Munjal