"short trem loan"
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We all have faced financial crisis in our lives and it is big enough to cause concern for our private economy. You end up feeling stressed and helpless. However, Payme India, online lending platform understands the situation and is at your rescue offering short-term loan requirements. We offer personal loans which help you to take on any financial requirement with ease. These loans are designed to meet all your short term financial needs such as medical emergency or any other personal needs. The FinTech organization offers different personal short term loan options, which are easily accessible to you from anywhere and at anytime. Here’s what PayMe India offers:

  • Instant short term loans: For meet immediate financial crisis.
  • Loans on low income: For people in the nascent stage of their career.
  • Advance Salary Loan: For salaried professionals to meet their short-term financial needs.

However, all the loans follow a strict process for approval.

Uses of Loans:

  • You can utilize a loan for the following reasons
  • To consolidate your debts and pay off them together
  • To pay your credit card bills
  • To sponsor travel plans or take care of wedding expenses
  • To remodel your home
  • To buy high-value consumable and electronic goods

Loan Eligibility Criteria at PayMe India:

  • Employment History: A work experience of minimum 1-2 years is preferred.
  • Age: The borrower’s age should not be less than 22 years and not more than 52 years.
  • Income: Salaried professionals with a salary above 15,000 is entitled for a salary advance loan.
  • Debt Burden Ratio: Your ongoing EMIs and debts should not be more than 50%-60% of the take-home salary.
  • Credit Score: The credit score is standard criterion taken into consideration for assessing a loan application. PayMe India reviews the application and can offer loans to customers with low salaries and low CIBIL score based on repayment history and other parameters.

Why Choose PayMe India for Loan Requirements?

PayMe India offers simple and hassle-free loans online. The process is designed to assist you to come out of the financial crisis in the fastest and secure way. PayMe India is a great destination due to fast loan approval, user-responsive and friendly app-based loans, repayment methods, and hassle-free borrowing solution. In addition to competitive interest rates, PayMe India is at the top of the list because of the simple and easy app-based loans. There is no prepayment fees, though it is recommended to make full payment on time each month. So if you are facing a cash crunch, get in touch with us for short term loans!

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