Why to choose Payme India for Short term loans
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What short term loans?

When you need a short term loan or quick cash for business or personal use, you don’t want to get stuck in a long term debt cycle with endless repayments. Short term cash loans are small loans which can be approved and paid quickly ensuring affordable repayment. The advantage of a short term loan is that it has a firm end date where the loan has to be paid back giving you a goal and an end date. These loans can be used for temporary cash crisis or as an advance salary loan, the uses are endless. Other options are designed to keep you in a perpetual debt cycle and more often lead to more spending and furth problems thus making short term loans a great alternative.

Advantages of short term loans

  1. Short term loans are quick and obtained faster than the traditional lending.
  2. You don’t have to sign for a huge sum of debt. This is just a small cash advance and is manageable to repay.Instant cash disbursal.
  3. The money is credited in your account in 24-72 hours.
  4. Cost effective in the long run.

Why to choose PayMe India for Short term loans –

  1. No pre-payment or foreclosure charges – Banks and companies ask to pay a certain number of installments before you can actually pre-close the loan. However, if you pay off the loan before a certain date, the bank may charge prepayment rates. But PayMe India has no pre-payment or foreclosure charges making it extremely convenient for the consumers.
  2. Fast cash disbursal – The disbursal of cash is speedy and fast. Whatever the reason, PayMe India helps you with short term loans.
  3. Cost Effective – Short term loans from PayMe India are convenient and effective. PayMe India makes sure you have access to fast cash and is paid back faster than a traditional loan. This saves on interest costs and the burden of making monthly principal payments increasing the profits.
  4. Charging interest on daily basis – PayMe India makes paying back the loan cheaper. They charge on a daily basis which holds utmost importance if you pay back the loan early. The shorter your loan term, the less interest you have to pay. The interest rate depends on the how much you are borrowing and for how long, but you can get an indication of the rates and costs using the loan calculator on the PayMe India website.
  5. Easy Loan Approval – PayMe India requires minimum documentation. The mobile app is extremely user-friendly. You just need to fill in your personal details and that’s all you need to get started with your easy loan application. PayMe India also offers the best credit assessment too.
  6. PAN India – PayMe India offers short term loans across the nation. With customers across the country, PayMe India streamlines the task and increases the reliability of the brand.
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Manav Munjal