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How we work

Apply for loan

  • Download the Payme India application.

  • Register/ Sign In/ Create an account: Preferably from your Gmail ID.

  • Login with the same ID used for getting Register

  • Fill in the details such as personal details, employment details, contact details and loan application.

  • Your application will be assessed and status will be shared thru notifications on your App.

  • Once you accept the offer and agree to Terms & Conditions, the funds will be transferred into the account shared by you.

  • Once the amount is credited into your account, you can utilize the same as per your needs.

Easy Steps to Follow

Your urgent cash needs will be funded following easy steps while registering through our application



online now






today or overnight



on next pay period

Approval Process

Loan will be approved within few minutes Once all the details are filled and documents are uploaded.
Improve your credit score by paying on time.
No documentation hassles and other benefits while applying for the next loan.

Contact Us

Please contact us at admin@paymeindia.in