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Get Personal Loan of ₹1 Lakh with Quick Approval

A quick personal loan can be a real lifesaver. PayMe's Personal loan is equipped with multiple benefits and features tailored especially for your urgent needs. These features include quick disbursal, instant approval and minimal paperwork. Whether it's unexpected medical expenses, debt consolidation, or your dream vacation, having the option to secure a ₹1 Lakh loan promptly is vital.

At PayMe, we recognize the immediacy of such needs and offer a seamless approval process for obtaining a personal loan of ₹1 lakh whenever you need, without unnecessary delays.

How do I calculate EMI for ₹1 Lakh Personal Loan?

Before you decide to borrow money, it's really important to know how much you'll need to pay back each month. Our EMI calculator tool makes this easy. You just have to put in the amount of the loan, the interest rate, and how long you want to take to pay it back. Then, the tool will tell you how much your monthly payments will be. This helps you make a smart choice that fits your budget and money plans.

Interest Rates & Charges for ₹1 Lakh Personal Loan

It's really important to know the money details of a personal loan so that there are no doubts or queries later on. We believe in being very clear about this. 

Personal Loan Interest RatesStarting from 1.5% p.m.
Loan Amount₹1,00,000
Loan Processing Fees2 to 10%
Loan Tenure3 to 24 months
Late Payment Charges₹500
Prepayment Chargesnil

Rs. 1 Lakh Personal Loan EMI for up to 2 Years Tenure

When a borrower takes out a loan, they are required to cover the cost of borrowing, commonly referred to as Equated Monthly Installments (EMIs). These monthly payments are significantly impacted by factors such as the loan amount, repayment period, and interest rate.

The flexibility of repayment tenure allows you to choose a loan duration that suits your financial circumstances. 

1 year₹9168 per month
2 years₹4992 per month

Features & Benefits of Rs. 1 Lakh Loan

PayMe offers an amazing borrowing experience for its customers. The ₹1 Lakh personal loan comes with a range of features and benefits designed to make your borrowing experience smooth and convenient:


Quick Approval:

Experience fast loan approval and get funds when you need them.


You Pick How Long to Pay:

You can choose how much time you want to take to pay us back. Choose the repayment tenure that suits your financial capacity best. 


No Hard Paperwork:

Streamlined documentation requirements so that you won't need to do a lot of complicated paperwork to apply.


Competitive Interest Rates:

The cost of borrowing money from us is fair and not too high.


No Hidden Charges:

Transparency is key, and we promise to tell you that there are no hidden fees or charges.

Eligibility to get a Personal Loan of ₹1 Lakh

To avail of a personal loan of ₹1 Lakh, applicants must meet the following eligibility criteria:


Minimum & Maximum Age Requirements:

Applicants must be between the ages of 21 and 58 years.


Income Proof for Loan Approval:

A stable source of income is essential to demonstrate repayment capability.


Credit Score:

A good credit score improves your chances of approval and might even lead to better interest rates.


Necessary Documentation for Loan Application:

Common documents include identity proof, address proof, income proof, and bank statements.

Documents Required for One Lakh Instant Loan

  • 1

    Identity Proof:

    Identity proof is used to confirm the identity of an individual. It usually includes documents with a photograph, name, and other personal details. It is required to check whether the person is really who he/she claims to be. Common forms of identity proof include:

    • arrow-rightPassport: An official government-issued document that serves as both identity and nationality proof.
    • arrow-rightDriver's License: A government-issued license permitting an individual to operate a motor vehicle.
    • arrow-rightAadhar Card:: In India, it's a biometric-based identity card.
  • 2

    Address proof:

    Address proof is used to verify an individual's current residential address. Common address proof documents include:

    • arrow-rightUtility Bills: Such as electricity, water, or gas bills in the individual's name.
    • arrow-rightRental/Lease Agreement: A legal agreement between a tenant and landlord specifying the address.
  • 3

    Proof of employment:

    Proof of employment is typically required in situations where the individual's employment status is relevant. This could include:

    • arrow-rightEmployment Letter: A formal letter from the employer confirming the individual's job, salary, and tenure.
    • arrow-rightContract of Employment: A legal contract outlining the terms and conditions of employment.
    • arrow-rightOffer Letter: The letter from the employer offering the job with the individual's name in it.
  • 4

    Financial Statement:

    A financial statement provides an overview of an individual's financial health and is often required for financial transactions or when applying for credit or loans. These may include:

    • arrow-rightBank Statements: These show the individual's account balances, transactions, and financial history.
    • arrow-rightIncome Tax Returns: Filed annually and detail an individual's income, deductions, and tax paid.

How to Apply Online for ₹1 Lakh Personal Loan

Applying for a ₹1 Lakh personal loan is a simple and convenient process, with us, you can apply for a personal loan in a hassle-free way and with minimum paperwork:

  • 1Visit www.paymeindia.in and navigate to the "Personal Loan"" section.
  • 2Click on 'Apply Now' and fill out the online application form with your personal and financial details.
  • 3Upload the required documents for proper verification of your identity.
  • 4Submit the application.
  • 5Wait for approval of your application and then disbursement of your loan amount.

How to get a loan of ₹1 lakh without income proof and documents

Getting a personal loan without traditional income proof and extensive documentation might sound daunting, but it is not impossible. There are certain cases in which one can get a personal loan without having an income proof, like having one of the following:

  • arrow-rightCollateral: Offering a valuable asset as collateral can increase your chances of approval.
  • arrow-rightCo-applicant: Having a creditworthy co-applicant can enhance your eligibility.
  • arrow-rightAlternative Income Proof: If you have a non-traditional income source, such as freelancing, provide relevant documentation.

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