MSME loans (Micro, Small, and medium-sized) are a type of loan that can be availed by entrepreneurs or businessmen. This loan is offered to allow business entities to meet their need for everyday working capital and funds to buy necessary equipment. The maximum amount of loan offered under the MSME loan category is Rs 2 crores collateral-free for a maximum tenure of 5 years. 

What is an MSME Loan?

MSME loans are financial products that cater to the funding requirements of micro, small, and medium-sized enterprises. They provide adequate capital to support different businesses with varied financial needs. The loans are available for a maximum value of ₹2 crores and come with a repayment tenure ranging from 12 months to 5 years. Some of the popular MSME loans include CGTMSE, MUDRA, PMEGP, and PMRY.

What is an SME Loan? 

An SME loan is a short-term loan that is designed to meet the funding needs of small and medium-sized businesses. Catering to diverse segments, the loan is used to fund working capital, technological upgrades, and the purchasing of equipment. The SME loans offer flexible terms, interest rates, and repayment options that empower businesses to thrive and contribute to meet their specific financial needs. 

Different Types of MSME/SME Loans

The following are the different types of MSME loans that one can choose from to finance their small businesses: 


Mudra Loan

Mudra (Micro Units Development and Refinance Agency) loans are part of a government initiative to provide financial support to micro and small enterprises. Mudra loans are categorised into three segments, Shishu, Kishor, and Tarun, based on the loan amount. These loans offer entrepreneurship and job creation by offering funding for various business purposes.


Term Loan

A term loan refers to borrowing a fixed amount for a fixed period in place of regular payments. These loans are commonly used for significant investments such as purchasing equipment, expanding facilities, or initiating new projects.


Asset Based Loan

Asset-based loans are secured by the borrower's assets, typically inventory, accounts receivable, or other tangible assets. The bank considers the value of the assets, providing flexibility for businesses having strong credit but offering valuable collateral. 


Cash credit Facility

A cash credit facility is a type of revolving credit where a business is given a specified credit limit, and it can withdraw funds as needed. This facility is suitable for businesses to manage day-to-day everyday operational expenses, making it a flexible financial need for short-term needs. 

Specialised MSME Loan/SME Loan by PayMe 

To leverage the interest of borrowers, PayMe has introduced specialised MSME loans. This loan is specially designed for small and medium enterprises for a shorter duration. With an experience of 6+ years, PayMe offers a quick turnaround time and flexible norms. 

Here are some of the features of MSME Loan by PayMe: 

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    All the loans offered by PayMe have quick approval

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    The loan amount is disbursed swiftly after the verification is over

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    The interest rates offered by PayMe are tailored to meet client’s financial crunch and repay capacity

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    Minimal documentation

How to apply for an MSME/SME loan? 

The procedure to apply for an MSME loan scheme varies from one financial institution to another. Many organizations provide in-person application services, while others offer the convenience of applying online. Once an application is submitted, it will be reviewed by the relevant officials, who will then initiate the loan disbursement process.

How can you apply for an MSME Loan on PayMe?

Applying for an MSME loan at PayMe is quick and easy. Here’s how to do it:

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    Visit the Official Website: Navigate to

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    Find MSME/SME Loans: Look under the 'Products' section for MSME/SME loans.

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    Verify Your Contact: Enter your contact number on the MSME loans page to receive an OTP for verification.

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    Enter Basic Details: Provide your name, PAN card number, email, and the loan amount you're seeking.

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    Provide Business Information: Fill in details about your business, such as type, age, and annual growth rate.

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    Submit the Application: Click 'Submit' and wait for our team to contact you about the next steps.

By following these steps, you can smoothly apply for a loan and get closer to securing the financial support your business needs.

Features of MSME Loan/SME Loan

If you are looking to opt for an MSME loan, the following are the major features that should be cross-checked:


MSME/SME loans offer flexibility in loan amounts, which allows borrowers to borrow based on their financial requirements. This eventually boosts the business operations 


These MSME loan scheme often comes with customised interest rates which align with the borrower’s creditworthiness, thus offering a personalised financial solution


MSME/SME loans feature streamlined processes, ensuring quick approval and disbursal of funds. This is crucial for small and medium-sized enterprises, enabling them to respond promptly to MSME business loan opportunities.


Designed with the needs of small businesses in mind, MSME/SME loans typically require minimal documentation that reduces the burden on the applicant, making it more accessible and efficient 

MSME / SME Loans Fees & Interest Rates 

At PayMe, we pride ourselves on offering MSME/SME loans at interest rates that epitomize affordability and convenience. Our dedication lies in furnishing business loans with the most competitive rates in the market, ensuring our clients can obtain the financial assistance they require without straining their finances.

Personal Loan Interest Rates:Starting from 1.5% per month
Loan Amount:₹500 to ₹5 Lakhs
Loan Processing Fees:2 - 10%
Loan Tenure:3 - 24 months
No Other Hidden Charges

Benefits of MSME Loan / SME Loans by PayMe 

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    Quick Turnaround Time:PayMe offers MSME loans with quick approval thus ensuring you receive your funds fast. This quick turnaround time ensures that you fulfil your business obligation in no time. 

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    Retaining Control of Business:With PayMe's loans, you can keep control of your business. The funds that you receive can help you to make informed decisions and give your company wings and speed.  

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    Optimal Company Capital Management:  PayMe's MSME/SME loans help you use funds strategically and optimally to boost your business. You can make informed decisions to run your business operations smoothly and keep your finances in check. 

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    Enhanced Credibility in the Market: PayMe's loans can boost your business credibility. The timely repayments show reliability, making it easier to secure future opportunities and partnerships.

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    Applying for MSME / SME Loans: There is a plethora of benefits offered by PayMe loan that helps in the optimal usage of funds. This enhances the credibility and a strong control over your business. 

MSME Loan Eligibility Criteria 

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    Age Criteria: You should be between 22 and 57 years old to apply. 

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    Being Indian: You need to be an Indian citizen. 

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    Minimum Net Monthly Income:Your take-home pay every month should be at least ₹15,000.

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    Experience at Work:You should have worked for at least one year and been at your current job for a minimum of one month.

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    Stable Job:You must have a steady job at a well-known company.

We've set these rules to make sure we lend to people who are in a good spot to pay back the loan, keeping things fair for everyone involved.

Documents Required for MSME/SME Loans

At PayMe, we aim to simplify the documentation process for your ease. The key documents you'll need to provide include:


Bank Statement:

Provide the last 12 months' statements to show your financial transactions.


Business Registration:

Proof of your business's legal registration is required.


Business Certificate:

A copy of your Business Registration Certificate to confirm the legitimacy of your business.


PAN Card

Copies of the PAN cards of the proprietor(s) are needed for identity verification.


Aadhaar Card:

Copies of the Aadhaar cards of the proprietor(s) for address verification.


GST Filing:

Submit recent GST filing documents to demonstrate tax compliance.


VAT Registration:

If applicable, provide your VAT registration documents.

MSME/SME Loans without Collateral 

There are two types of MSME loans in India, both secured and unsecured business loans. Most of the SME loans are collateral free, this means that one is not supposed to submit any collateral or security to the lender. Presently, one can get a collateral-free MSME loan for a maximum of 2 crores.

However, these loans are usually short-term loans and have to be repaid at a maximum of 5 years. Some of the popular forms of MSME/SME collateral-free are Overdrafts, Cash Credit, POS Loans, term loans, Working Capital loans, and Letters of Credit.

Smart Ways to Use MSME / SME Loans 

MSME/SME Loan is one of the major financial funds that helps small and micro businesses to function. This sector accounts for 33% of the total GDP and is expected to generate a revenue of 1 lakh crores in India by 2028. One of the major ways that you can refer to using MSME loan smartly. 


Inventory Management

Inventory Management is one of the major ways to utilise the funds of MSME loans. One can use the smart tracking system to reduce holding costs, optimise stock level and prevent overstocking. 


Equipment Purchase

Invest in modern and efficient equipment using the loan. Upgraded machinery improves production efficiency, reduces costs, and enhances product quality. 


Working Capital

This provides a financial cushion for day-to-day operations, enabling smoother business processes. Adequate working capital ensures timely payments to suppliers, covers operational expenses and facilitates flexibility in responding to market fluctuations or unexpected challenges.


Debt Consolidation

Use the MSME loan to consolidate existing debts. This can lead to reduced interest rates and simplified debt management, lowering the overall financial burden. 



Allocate funds to targeted marketing strategies. Invest in digital marketing, social media campaigns, and market research to enhance brand visibility, attract new customers, and retain existing ones.

Calculating MSME / SME Loan EMI 

EMI Calculation for an MSME loan helps to get a clear idea of the monthly loan obligation one has to pay. It helps the borrower in financial planning and also helps them to assess their credit risk. Having an accurate EMI assessment helps to make an informed decision on an MSME loan

P x R x (1+R)^N / [(1+R)^N-1]
- P denotes the principal loan amount.
- N denotes the loan tenure in months.
- R denotes the monthly interest rate.

The monthly interest rate is calculated by dividing the annual rate of interest by 12 and then dividing it by 100.

Do’s and Don’ts When Applying for an MSME Loan Online

If you are going to apply for an MSME Loan Online, then the following are the major do’s and don’ts that you should not miss. 

Do’s for MSME Loan Online

  • Understand your major business needs before applying for an MSME Loan online
  • Evaluate your eligibility criteria following the MSME loan before commencing the application form
  • Cross-check the CIBIL score required when applying for an MSME loan to calculate your approval ratio
  • Use online tools to calculate your monthly EMI before applying for an MSME loan online

Don'ts for MSME Loan Online

  • Do not apply for multiple lenders simultaneously as it can lead to enquiry on your credit history
  • Never underestimate your credit score when applying for an MSME loan as the loan approval chance depends on it a lot
  • Refrain from fudging your information on your MSME loan application form as it can lead to disqualification