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Here are some frequently asked questions

Short-term loans designed to help you for immediate expenses. You are required to pay the full amount latest by your next loan. We advise you to use short-term loans to meet your daily expenses or EMI's however, it can be used to cover overdue utility bills, unexpected car repairs and other emergency medical expenses.

PayMe India is currently offering its sevices in Delhi/NCR, Mumbai, Pune, Hyderabad, Bengaluru and Chennai.

Your loan eligibility is decided by our system basis some internal lending criteria/algo. However the same may increase over the period depending upon your repayment history.

Post downloading our app, it will reflect a number of documents which are mandatory from RBI to complete you KYC. We need all those documents e.g. your salary slip, bank statement, pan details etc. to process the loan.

We regret to inform that we need your salary entry in your bank statement and PF deduction on your payslip to process your loan.

You will be provided an account number which can be used for repayment. As an alternative the same shall get deducted from your provided account automatically via NACH.

You will receive a notification via mobile app as well as SMS on registered mobile once the loan is approved. The amount will be credited into your account either same or next working day.

If you feel that you would not be able to pay the dues on agreed repayment date. please contact us five working days prior to your repayment date to stop the NACH and rollover the loan for another period. As an exception the loan can be rolled over only once.

You can re-apply for a new loan post five days of your repayment.

Ideally you should inform PayMe India immediately about any such change. if our executive will not be able to reach you they may approach the references asking about your new numbers.

A: If in case you have some challenges in repayment you can discuss the same with your executive and find n solution. However if you will stop responding our calls/emails it will be considered as willful default and can have several consequences, including the following: 1) Financial Implications – You may be assessed a late fee if you fail to make your payment by a specified period following its due date, followed by the higher interest charges. In addition you will be charged an electronic payment/check dishonor charge if the same is returned unpaid. 2) Impact on Your Credit Score – We regularly report any delinquency to leading credit bureaus. All such delays will be reported to credit agencies which may impact your credit score. 3) Collection Activity – We may attempt to collect any delinquent amount through our standard collection practices, which include contacting you by phone, mail, or email. We may also exercise any of our rights under our loan or credit services agreements with you. If we are unable to collect any delinquent amount you may have with us through such actions, we may also sell our debt to a third party debt buyer or initiate appropriate legal action against you.',

Contact Us

Please contact us at admin@paymeindia.in