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Why choose Payme India for best payday loans?

Payme India has a Secure, Hassle Free and User Friendly solutions for your short-term borrowing needs.

1. PayMe India has unique and easy login process.

2. PayMe India has accurate assessment and offers best value loans

3. Payme India disburses and facilitates the loans speedly.

4. No pre-payment or foreclosure rates are applicable on the loans. Interest rates will be applicable only for the days amount is being used.

5. Payme India charges a nominal processing fee for payday loans.

6. The interest rate charged on short term payday loans are low.

Visit Payme India, offering best online payday loans in India.

What We Offer

    People who earn more can also experience cash shortfalls just the same as those of lower incomes, and with restricted access to finance they may find themselves in a position where an instant payday loan may seem like the only option.

    Online Payday Loans in India from PayMe India are a quick and fast solution for your financial crunch. We offer short term and quick payday loans online at best interest rates. The personal payday loans designed by PayMe India for salaried individuals, comes as a savior from financial breakdown.


Our Corporate Clients

We are trusted partners to reputated corporates in their Advance Salary process

Benefits of partnering with us

PayMe India has developed an exclusive lending platform for corporates partnered with us for Advance Salary of their employees

Under the Corporate Cash Advance lending programme, employees of any partnered organizations can borrow up to a whopping 50% of their net monthly income, payable against the following month’s salary.


No cash crunch

Prevent any delay in your important payouts


No delay in salary

Happy Employees = Successful Organization


Advance salary

To keep your finances on the right track


Live life king size

Get the much needed peace of mind

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