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Check TDS Status by PAN Card



check tds status by pan card
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TDS, abbreviated for tax deducted at source, is an automated taxation mechanism which automatically takes a stipulated percentage of your paycheck and deposits it to the government as tax. For the government, this removes the moral reliance on citizens to manually pay their tax obligations at their discretion. TDS cuts out the legs of potential tax evaders and simultaneously ensures a streamlined source of revenue for the government.

What is a TDS Return?

A TDS return is a monetary statement filed quarterly by the employers of salaried personnel outlining the ins and outs of every tax deduction which took place and the consequential deposition of the same to the relevant government authorities. Though the actual contents of this statement are much more elaborate, to maintain the schematics of this monograph the general outline is given below:

  1. Details of the deductor
  2. Details of the deductee
  3. Financial details of all salaried personnel for the relevant financial year

What is included in the TDS return?

The following enlistment details are the same:

  1. Year, quarter, and type of TDS
  2. Identity and financial details of the deductor and the deductee
  3. Challan details for the tax amount deposited
  4. Salary details of all the employees in the financial year

How to Check TDS Status by PAN Card:

The following steps outline the said process:

  1. Visit the TDS central processing cell
  2. Go to the taxpayer cell and select the TDS credit option from the menu
  3. Complete the elementary verification process
  4. Provide the requested details and the type of return
  5. Press ‘go’ and you should be able to view your TDS statement.

How to Check TDS Credit Using Form 26AS:

The steps for the same are detailed below:

  1. Visit the TDS reconciliation and Analysis Correction Enabling System
  2. Visit the taxpayer section and select TDS credit
  3. Verify yourself as prompted and click proceed
  4. Provide the details requested and then click go
  5. You should be able to view your TDS status in form 26AS.

How to Check TDS Status through the Income Tax e-Filing Portal:

  1. Visit the Income tax e-filing site using your credentials
  2. Proceed to ‘my account’ and select ‘view form 26AS’
  3. This should redirect you to the TRACES portal
  4. Select the requested specifications and you should subsequently be able to view your TDS statement

Details in TDS Statements:

The major constituents in TDS reports are mentioned below:

  1. Deductor details:

This section mainly encapsulates the deductor’s identity details, the nature of the deduction and the relevant financial year.

  1. Deductee details:

Important details mentioned are the identity and PAN details of the subject, the amount of TDS owed and the nature and date of payment.

  1. Challan details:

This contains the details of the challan date and amount and the details of the banking authority concerned.


1.) How can I check my TDS status online?

Simply log on to the TRACES website and follow the steps mentioned earlier.

2.)  How can I get my TDS return details?

You have two pathways- via the TRACES portal or the Income Tax Portal. You can get your details either way.

3.) How can I download a TDS certificate?

You can achieve this by visiting either one of the following portals:

  • Banking institutions
  • Common service Portal

4.) What is Form 26AS?

It is a comprehensive statement detailing the amount paid by the taxpayer and the TDS deducted at the time of income payment.

5.) What should I do if there is a discrepancy in my TDS details?

You should immediately get in contact with your deductor and file a grievance complaint with the Income Tax Department

6.) Can I check the TDS status offline?

There are numerous methods to get your TDS statement offline. You can simply contact your deductor, visit the authorising bank or visit the consumer grievance portal.

7.) Is there a fee for checking TDS status online?

No, there is no applicable fee to check your TDS online

8.) How often is Form 26AS updated?

It is updated regularly throughout the financial year.

9.) What information do I need to check my TDS status?

You will typically only require your PAN, Tax Deduction and Collection Amount Number (TAN), your PRN and Financial Year and quarter details.

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