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CIBIL Score for Home Loan



credit score for home loan
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Understanding the significance of the CIBIL score when applying for a home loan in India is crucial for prospective borrowers. The CIBIL score, also known as the credit score, plays a pivotal role in determining loan approval and the terms offered by lenders. Generally, a CIBIL score which is more than or equal to 750 is considered the ideal CIBIL score for a home loan. In this article, we have discussed the meaning of the CIBIL score and the factors that affect it.

How much CIBIL score is required for a home loan in India?

Generally, a CIBIL score of 750 or above is considered ideal for availing a home loan in India. However, lenders may consider applicants with a score as low as 600, subject to other factors like income stability, loan amount, property value, and down payment.

What is the minimum CIBIL score required for a home loan?

The minimum CIBIL score for a home loan in India ranges from 650 to 700 depending on the lender. Generally, a score of 650 is considered the bare minimum, but even then approval is not guaranteed. For the most favourable terms and a smooth application process, aim for a score of 750 or above.

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Home Loan for CIBIL score under 550

Securing a home loan with a CIBIL score below 550 is very challenging in India. Traditional lenders typically prefer scores above 650. However, there are still options, some non-banking financial companies like Muthoot Finance, and Bajaj Housing offer home loans at this low score. However, they will consider your application but expect higher interest rates and stricter eligibility criteria. Improving your CIBIL score through responsible credit management is advisable. This will help to significantly increase your approval chances and fetch you better loan terms in the future.

What is a good CIBIL score range for a Home Loan?

A good CIBIL score range for a home loan in India generally falls between 750 and above. This range signifies strong creditworthiness and makes you a highly attractive borrower to lenders.

Factors That Affect Your CIBIL Score for a Home Loan

The CIBIL score holds the utmost importance when it comes to sanctioning a home loan. The lender assesses the credit score of the borrower but this score is affected by the following factors:

  1. Payment History

This is the single most important factor, typically accounting for around 35% of your CIBIL score. A consistent record of on-time payments for past loans, credit cards, and any other debts shows your creditworthiness and reliability.

  1. Credit Utilization Ratio

This ratio, weighted around 30% of your score, compares your outstanding credit card balance to your total credit limit. Ideally, you should maintain a low utilisation ratio below 30%. This indicates responsible credit management and reduces the risk of defaulting on future loans.

  1. Credit Mix

Having a diverse credit mix, with a combination of secured loans (like a home loan) and unsecured loans (like credit cards), can positively impact your score.

  1. Credit Inquiries

Multiple inquiries within a short period for loans or credit cards can indicate a higher risk of default and might slightly lower your score. It’s wise to space out your loan or credit card applications.

  1. Loan Age & Repayment History

The length of your credit history and your repayment behaviour on past loans also play a role. A longer credit history with a proven track record of repayments is considered favourably by lenders, as it signifies responsible credit management over time.

How to Calculate CIBIL Score for a home loan?

The formula to calculate the CIBIL score for a home loan is not announced by the rating agencies. However, as per the official agencies, around 35% weightage is given to the payment history of the borrower. Those with on-time payment of home loans. Maintaining a low credit card balance compared to your limit (utilisation ratio) is also important and holds 30% weightage. A healthy mix of credit products and a longer credit history with responsible repayment behaviour positively contribute (10% each).


1. What is a good CIBIL score for a home loan?

For availing a home loan, a borrower should have a CIBIL score of more than or equal to 700.

2. Can I get a loan on a 650 CIBIL score?

Yes, you can approach a bank to get a loan on a 650 CIBIL score.

3. How much is a 700 CIBIL score?

A 700 CIBIL score is considered in the good range and is acceptable to the lenders.

4. Is 700 a bad CIBIL score?

No, 700 is not a bad CIBIL score and a borrower can easily get a home loan against this.

5. How can I increase my CIBIL score immediately?

Prioritising paying off outstanding debts and making future payments on time can help build a positive credit history. With PayMe’s Credit Assist, you can get solutions tailored according to your current credit report to improve your CIBIL score.

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