Unlock the Benefits of PayMe's “Credit Assist”

Are you tired of having your loan applications rejected due to a low credit score? Look no further! PayMe presents Credit Assist, your gateway to securing a loan within just 60 days, even if you have a less-than-perfect credit history.

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Discover Your Credit Score

Instant Credit Score Check:

Don't let your credit score hold you back. With Credit Assist, you can quickly access your credit score and status, whether it's Very Poor, Fair, Good, or Excellent.

Tailored Credit Improvement Suggestions

Personalized Credit Improvement:

Our experienced team analyzes your credit profile and provides you with tailored suggestions to boost your credit score. These recommendations are designed to help you qualify for a loan and unlock better financial opportunities.

Detailed Credit Report

Comprehensive Credit Report:

Receive a detailed credit report that gives you insights into your credit history. Understanding your financial standing is the first step towards improving it.

Swift Loan Approval

Expedited Loan Processing:

Get your loan approved within 60 days*, even if you have a low credit score. We specialize in helping you secure the financial assistance you need.

Benefits of Credit Assist

Knowledge Empowerment

By knowing your credit score, you can take proactive steps to improve it and regain financial control.

Expert Guidance

Our team's expert advice puts you on the path to bettering your financial health, making you a more attractive candidate for future loans and financial products.

Informed Decisions

A comprehensive credit report empowers you with knowledge about your financial history, enabling you to make informed financial decisions.

Access to Opportunities

Say goodbye to the frustration of rejected loan applications. Credit Assist opens doors to financial opportunities you thought were out of reach.


Credit Assist is your solution if you've been rejected for a loan by PayMe. We assess your credit score, provide personalized suggestions to improve it, and help you secure a loan within 60 days.
Yes, there is a nominal fee of Rs. 59 to access Credit Assist.
After payment, you will receive your credit score, personalized credit improvement suggestions, and a detailed credit report. These will also be sent to your email.
You can pay Rs. 59 securely through our payment gateway.
Yes, you can download your comprehensive credit report.