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Karnataka Ration Card, How to Apply, Check Status — Explained in Detail



karnataka ration card
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The State Government of Karnataka provides households with ration cards, a recognized document that enables the purchase of food grains at reduced prices. These cards are distributed under the auspices of the National Food Security Act by the Department of Food and Civil Supplies. The Karnataka Ration Card issued can be used as identity proof while applying for a PAN card, driving licence, or income certificate. In this article, you can learn about the details related to the Karnataka Ration Card, eligibility criteria, and different types.

How to apply for a Ration Card in Karnataka? – via Ahara Portal Online Process

One can apply for a ration card in Karnataka easily via the Ahara portal online. While applying for the same, one has to keep the important documents and details to enter all the details correctly.

  • Step 1: Navigate to the official site of the Department of Food, Civil Supplies, and Consumer Affairs at
  • Step 2: Click on the ‘E-services‘ tab on the homepage and move to the next page.
  • Step 3: Choose ‘New Ration Card’ under ‘e-Ration Card’ and then choose your preferred language.
  • Step 4: Click on the “New Ration Card Request” and choose the ration card type.
  • Step 5: Enter the Aadhaar number and click on ‘Go’. Complete the verification process using OTP or fingerprint verification.
  • Step 6: On selecting OTP, one has to verify the same after submission.
  • Step 7: Click on the ‘Add’ button so that the application is accepted, and an application number is generated and then fill in all the details as asked on the same.

What are all the application fees for ration cards in Karnataka?

The application fees for ration cards in Karnataka are levied based on the status of the family. The minimum fee for the Karnataka Ration Card application form is ₹5, while the maximum fee is ₹10.

 Ration Card issued in Karnataka Standard Fee
Below the Poverty Line (BPL) ₹5
Above Poverty Line (APL) ₹10

What is the Offline Process to apply ration card in Karnataka?

  • Step 1: Head to your local office of the Department for Food, Civil Supplies, and Consumer Affairs (FCS).
  • Step 2: Obtain the Ration Card application form in person or download it from the Karnataka Food, Civil Supplies, and Consumer Affairs Department’s official website.
  • Step 3: Complete the application form by providing essential information such as your full name, residential address, income level, details of family members, and more.
  • Step 4: Prepare to attach all mandatory documents to the form, which should include proofs of identity and residence, income documentation, and recent passport-sized photographs.
  • Step 5: After filling out the form and gathering all necessary documents, hand over the application to the designated officer at the FCS department.
  • Step 6: Your application and documents will then undergo a verification process by the assigned officer.
  • Step 7: Following the completion of the verification, you will be informed about the outcome of your application.
  • Step 8: Should your application be successful, the Ration Card will be issued to you within the expected timeframe.

Required Documents for Ration Card Application

The following documents should be kept handy when filling out the ration card application form:

  1. Family Photo
  2. Signature of the Applicant
  3. Copy of the first page of Bank Passbook,
  4. Residential Proof
  5. Aadhaar Card of each family member
  6. Income certificate
  7. Disability certificate and caste certificate
  8. Types of Ration Cards in Karnataka

Types of Ration Cards in Karnataka

1. Priority Household (PHH) Ration Card

This card identifies families classified through extensive surveys as facing extreme poverty. PHH cardholders receive the most significant subsidy on essential food items like rice, wheat, and sugar, ensuring greater access to necessities at substantially lower prices compared to market rates.

2. Annapurna Yojana (AY) Ration Card

This scheme specifically targets elderly individuals over 65 years old living in extreme poverty and lacking any social or financial support system. AY (Annapurna Yojana) cards provide free rations of rice or wheat, directly addressing the nutritional needs of this vulnerable population.

3. Antyodaya Anna Yojana (AAY) Ration Card

Antyodaya Anna Yojana is offered for the poorest individuals identified by local governing bodies, this program offers heavily subsidised essential commodities like rice, wheat, and sugar at significantly lower prices compared to other categories. AAY cards ensure essential food items are affordable for those in dire economic situations.

4. Non-Priority Household (NPHH) Ration Card

This NPHH Ration Card caters to families whose income exceeds the official poverty line but remains below a specific threshold. NPHH cardholders are eligible to purchase essential commodities at a marginally subsidised rate, providing some financial relief compared to market prices. However, the level of subsidy is lower than that offered to PHH or AAY cardholders.

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Eligibility Criteria for Karnataka Ration Cards

Karnataka Ration Cards are available for individuals with different income status. The following table can be checked to know about the detailed eligibility criteria for ration cards:

Ration Cards Eligibility
Priority Household (PHH) ration card Designated for residents of rural locations.
Annapurna Yojna Ration Cards Allocated to senior citizens over 65 who are financially disadvantaged.
Antyodaya Anna Yojna Ration Cards Intended for families with an annual income that does not exceed ₹15,000.
Non-Priority Household Ration Cards – NPHH Available to families with a steady yearly income.

How to check the Karnataka Ration Card List from Ahara Official Government website?

  • Proceed to the primary portal of the Department of Food, Civil Supplies, and Consumer Affairs (
  • Select the ‘e-services’ option, followed by the ‘e-ration’ feature.
  • Click on the ‘List of Villages’ section, then sequentially pick your district, sub-district, local council, and village before hitting the ‘go’ option.
  • Review the displayed roster of ration cards for the specified village.

How to check Karnataka Ration Card status online? – Easy steps via

  • Access the official site of the Ahara Department for Food, Civil Supplies, and Consumer Affairs.
  • Select the ‘e-services’ section, then navigate to the ‘e-status’ option.
  • Opt for ‘New Ration Card Status’ and proceed to check the ration card status.
  • Select the Verification Type and then enter the RC number.
  • Submit the details and then choose the member for which you want to download the ration card.
  • Enter the OTP received on the registered mobile number and then choose RC details.

How to download a Ration Card in Karnataka State Online?

People from Bangalore or Mangalore can easily download ration cards in Karnataka from the official website. The following steps can be checked to complete the download process:

  1. Visit the official website of the Food, Civil Supplies, and Consumer Affairs department,
  2. Click on the E-services tab and then scroll along to check the E-status
  3. Select ‘Status of the new/defending ration card’
  4. Next, click on the appropriate division.
  5. Choose ‘Status of Ration card’ and then choose ‘Verification Type’.
  6. Enter the RC number and click on ‘Go’ to download the Ration Card.

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How to change the name on the Karnataka Ration Card? (Online Process)

Before filing for the name change in the Karnataka Ration Card one has to file an affidavit stating the reason you want to change your name. Next, you have to publish an advertisement in at least two newspapers stating that you have changed your name. The following steps should be used to change the name in the Karnataka Ration Card online:

  1. Navigate to the Karnataka state’s Food, Civil Supplies, and Consumer Affairs Department’s official web portal.
  2. Look for the option to obtain the ‘Name Change Application’ for a ration card on the site.
  3. Complete the application with the required details and hand it over to the Food, Civil Supplies, and Consumer Affairs Directorate.
  4. Provide the directorate with the affidavit and the clippings of the published name change notice from the newspaper.

APL Card In Karnataka

The APL (Above Poverty Line) card in Karnataka acts as a dual-purpose document for residents. Issued by the state government under the Public Distribution System (PDS), it verifies the household’s income exceeding the official poverty line. This card functions as an official document for address and identity purposes. While not receiving the same level of subsidy as Below Poverty Line (BPL) cards, APL cardholders can still purchase essential commodities like rice, wheat, sugar, and oil at partially subsidised rates from designated fair-price shops.

Why do we need an APL card in Karnataka?

The major reasons that make an APL card necessary in Karnataka can be checked in the section below:

  • A ration card serves as a state-authorized document that can be used for verification purposes when applying for various government-funded schemes, scholarships, and income certificates.
  • The primary function of a ration card is to grant access to essential food items like rice, wheat, sugar, and oil at significantly lower prices through the Public Distribution System.
  • Ration cards can indirectly indicate the economic status of a household, as they are primarily issued to families below a certain income threshold.

Documents Required to Apply for APL Card in Karnataka

The following documents should be kept handy when applying for an APL card in Karnataka:

  • Duly filled application form
  • Passport size photograph
  • Latest rent receipt
  • Electricity bill latest tax receipt
  • Property details
  • Address proof
  • Annual income details of every family member

How to apply for a Karnataka APL Card?

Applying for a Karnataka APL card is easy and can be done both online and offline. However, one should refer to the following steps to complete the application form:

  • One has to comply with the Aadhaar-based biometric authentication for all family members except children.
  • The APL application form has to be filled out with all the applicant’s information that has been submitted to their Aadhaar card, including name, photo, age, sex, and address.
  • The applicant has to choose their ward number for the urban region and Gram Panchayat for the rural area.

Step 1: Access the official site of the Department of Food, Civil Supplies, and Consumer Affairs at for more details:

karnataka apl card apply ahara step 1

Step 2: Navigate to the ‘E-services‘ section on the website

karnataka apl card apply ahara step 2

Step 3: Opt for “New Ration Card” from the e-Ration Card choices.

karnataka apl card apply ahara step 3

Step 4: Click on “Request for New Ration Card” to initiate your application process.

karnataka apl card apply ahara step 4

Step 5: On the new page for ration card applications, select one of the two languages to proceed, located on the right side of the screen at

karnataka apl card apply ahara step 5

Step 6: After going through all the necessary information, proceed by clicking on the request for a new ration card.

karnataka apl card apply ahara step 6

Step 7: Choose between a Priority Household (PHH) ration card and a Non-Priority Household (NPHH) card after carefully reading the guidelines. Click “proceed” after making your decision.

karnataka apl card apply ahara step 7

Step 8: Enter your Aadhaar number and press the “Go” button to move forward.

karnataka apl card apply ahara step 8

Step 9: Authenticate successfully with either OTP or fingerprint verification.

Step 10: If choosing OTP, await an SMS on your registered mobile number. Input the received OTP when prompted and click ‘Go’.

Step 11: Post successful verification, your Aadhaar information will appear on the screen.

Step 12: Click the “Add” button to generate your application number.

Step 13: Fill in the requested details in the following step. Once completed, click “Submit” to finalize your application.

How to Use Your Ration Card for Other Services?

One can use the ration card in Karnataka to avail of the below-mentioned services:

  1. Government Benefits/Schemes
  2. Opening Bank Accounts
  3. Proof of residence when applying for a Voter ID
  4. Scholarship Applications
  5. Address Verification
  6. Access to PDS (Public Distribution Service)

How to check the cancelled or suspended list of Ration Cards in Karnataka?

  • Visit the official website of Karnataka State Food Department.
  • Click on ‘e-Services’ option
  • Scroll along the list and choose the link that says, ‘Show Cancelled/ Suspended List’ under the ‘e-Ration Card’ option.
  • Enter the required details and then click on the Go option.

How can I link my Aadhaar to My Ration Card in Karnataka?

Linking Aadhaar to a ration card in Karnataka is very easy, and one must use the following steps to complete the process easily:

  1. Navigate to Karnataka’s Official Food and Civil Supplies Portal.
  2. Select the ‘e-Services’ tab.
  3. Browse and find ‘UID Linking’ within the ‘e-Ration Card’ section.
  4. Proceed to select your area from the given list in the drop-down.
  5. Choose the ‘UID Linking for RC members’ feature.
  6. Input your Aadhaar number and initiate the process by clicking on ‘Go’.
  7. Then, input the OTP sent to your registered mobile number, as well as your ration card number.
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Are there any helpdesk or support contact details from the Food Civil Supplies Department of Karnataka?

Yes, if you have any grievances or complaints then you can contact the authorities at the helpline number or address mentioned in the section below:

How to file a complaint via the Karnataka Ration Online Grievance System?

If you have any complaint regarding the Karnataka Ration online grievance system then you can file your complaint the same using the steps mentioned below:

  • Initially, proceed to the official online portal of the Food Department of the Karnataka State Government.
  • Next, go to the ‘e-Services’ tab.
  • Click on Public Grievance and Rewards and then choose the ‘Lodge Your Grievance option’.
  • File your grievance by providing a thorough account of the issue and submit it through the portal.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Ques: Can newly married couples in the KA state apply for the ration card?

Ans. Yes, newly married couples in Karnataka (KA) state can apply for a ration card to receive food grains at a subsidised rate.

Ques: How long does it take to receive the APL card after applying?

Ans. The total time depends on the submission, verification, and allotment process, but it takes 10 to 15 days from the date of application.

Ques: Is it necessary to have an Aadhaar card when applying for the APL card in Karnataka?

Ans. Yes, an Aadhaar card is mandatory while applying for the APL ration card in Karnataka.

Ques: Can we apply for the APL card even if we live in a rented home?

Ans. Yes, you can apply for an APL ration card even if you live in a rented home.

Ques: What are the benefits of the Karnataka APL ration card?

Ans. The benefits of the Karnataka APL ration card include access to subsidised food grains and essential commodities through the Public Distribution System (PDS).

Ques: Is it possible to verify the status of a Karnataka ration card using a mobile number?

Ans. Yes, you can check the Karnataka ration card status by mobile number.

Ques: What is the procedure for Amendment Request for an existing ration card in Karnataka?

Ans. The procedure for an Amendment Request for an existing ration card in Karnataka involves visiting the nearest Food, Civil Supplies, and Consumer Affairs Department office or accessing the online portal provided by the department.

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